Leigh Ann Soltysiak

At Silverleaf, I help you optimize new product commercialization by preparing commercial teams to lead within the value-based care model environment. I advise on the basic tenants of product development and ensure appropriate market preparation. I ground your team on the importance of leveraging big data and capitalizing on strategic insights to differentiate your unique product offering. I educate your organization about quality stakeholders, measures and ways to establish clear value with regulatory bodies and payers. I help you develop your quality improvement strategy; identifying the health improvement data and quality initiatives. Serving as a team integration catalyst, I’ll inspire your team achieve more rapid marketplace adoption by commercializing products with better use of data, insights and building a stronger value proposition—achieving critical milestones, such as: regulatory approval, market access & reimbursement.

When working with a biotech or medical device start-up, I partner with R&D on all due diligence, market needs and design elements during the innovation process. I identify clinical and economic outcomes that become critical propositions within positioning, messaging, market access and publication during the global launch strategy.

For payer groups faced with a deluge of new life science drug, device or combination products entering into the marketplace, I analyze and assess these commercial products to compare value and help determine preference, reimbursement and payment structure within a value-based system. I rely on my broad-based healthcare and therapeutic area experiences across disease states. I evaluate a range of solutions, assessing clinical and economic interdependencies. I intake health outcomes, market analytics and insights to support the optimal commercial strategies.

A member of the PDDC Consulting Network, bringing cross functional expertise from Pharmaceutical, Device, Diagnostic and Consumer businesses.