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Welcome to Commercialization Optimization.  (The C.O.).  Watch. Learn. Grow.    I’m Leigh Ann Soltysiak with Silverleaf Consulting, LLC.    “The C.O.” is my introductory video, designed for anyone who has an interest in the commercialization process or how to help a product succeed in the marketplace

For those of you who are new to this area, commercialization is about the steps needed to prepare products, portfolios (or groups of products) and brands for how to launch into the hands of customers or users, so that a brand is well received and profitable. 

Within a company, this process usually includes collaboration from individuals with skills from key functional or specialty areas such as Research & Development (R&D) or product development, marketing and sales.  There are also a host of other areas that we will address in future videos.

Optimizing commercialization, or Commercialization Optimization, is really about doing what’s best and setting the stage to help increase the potential for a products success in commerce. 

It’s critical that there is a strategy behind the goal of a successful commercialization; defining ‘what needs to be done’ when a product is being developed to solve for a customer problem.  We have to make sure the product solution or innovation is a valued match with the customer, and then that it’s clearly communicated, understood and believed- so that the product will be desired and purchased. 

In 2015, I founded my independent consulting business, Silverleaf Consulting, LLC.  As a Commercialization Strategist, I advise individuals and companies on the strategy and steps needed to bring a product to market successfully.  It’s not always as simple as “…if you build it, they will come”. 

Through my upcoming videos, I plan to deliver tips that can serve as a guide on the commercialization process-to help inspire you and enable teams to that your product/s can flourish.

My video series ‘The C.O.’…is designed to share my career perspectives, tips, and ‘best practices’ on Commercialization Optimization. 

Prior to launching Silverleaf Consulting, LLC, I spent nearly 19 years in a variety of commercial roles; areas such as specialty sales, sales management, brand, global strategic marketing, and new product development-I held these roles at one of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies, Johnson & Johnson (J&J). 

I earned my Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University and my Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Syracuse University. 

Today, I enjoy consulting and applying my expertise across global companies, with a specialty among health and wellness interests-including start-ups, the life-sciences, med tech and digital health.

I also have academic experience as an Adjunct Professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology, teaching Entrepreneurial Thinking and as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR mentoring start-ups within the Stevens Venture Center. 

I stay active judging competitions, Hackathons, as a speaker, panelist and serving on Working Groups and Executive Boards – as much as I’m able!

As my video series, The ‘C.O.’ kicks off, it’s designed to share my career perspectives, tips and ‘best practices’ on Commercialization Optimization

I hope whether you are a new entrepreneur or a business expert, you’ll join in. 

Watch.  Learn.  Grow.

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