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Leigh Ann provided an incredibly insightful and pragmatic strategic counsel in the development of a life cycle plan for a newly launched hospital drug-device product. It was clear from the early days of the project that Leigh Ann brings a vast set of experiences and perspectives towards solving complex problems. As a new client, I was impressed by how seamlessly Leigh Ann integrated into our organization, rapidly establishing rapport and building trust with functional leaders. Leigh Ann always operates with integrity and a very strong sense of accountability. It is a pleasure to work with Leigh Ann.

David Lin

Former Senior Vice President, Global Competitive Strategy Leader, The Medicines Company

Leigh Ann has worked as a Strategy Consultant for the Premier Life Science organization for several years. We have relied on her expertise in a multitude of areas. As a commercial expert, she has delivered immeasurable value to our marketing and sales organization, supporting us with her entrenched relationships and product 'know-how' across the biotech, pharma, and medical device industries with crucial insights and enterprise-wide perspectives. She has a passion and expertise in oncology that elevated our organizational capacity, and she's also helped us set a new bar in terms of strategic planning. Not only has she engendered trust and fostered relationships across our organization and with clients, but she is also a pleasure to work with and has helped us realize the new potential and significant pipeline revenue and growth.

Jay Finster

Vice President, Business Development, Product Sales & Ops Admin, Premier

Leigh Ann was engaged to help develop a global launch plan for a novel diagnostic product, new to the market. We provided her with internally-focused data as we worked to create a brand vision and impact patient care. Through her assessment, she captured new insights to help us infuse our value proposition and brand positioning. She conceived of a distinct, differentiating concept for our brand, pointing out how our product goes beyond preventing a decline in renal function; it enables the provider to help uniquely 'preserve' a patient's long-term health. Leigh Ann's unique perspective helped us see beyond the science of our renal test and identify our real brand differentiation–motivating clinicians by preserving patient's health. As a strategic advisor and sounding board, I would definitely work with Leigh Ann again.

Jen Wheelock

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Marketing, Product Management

I can't speak highly enough of Leigh Ann. She is an insight-driven strategic thinker and creative problem solver. What sets her apart is a remarkable ability to connect the dots and identify strategic opportunities that others may miss. That, coupled with her robust experience and leadership across global strategy and brand marketing, makes her an invaluable asset to any team. I'm thrilled to have her as a marketing partner.

India (Crain) Williams

Business Intelligence at Johnson & Johnson

Leigh Ann was hired as a consultant to help lead the development of a global launch plan /strategy to prepare our organization for the launch of a new transformational diagnostic product. She helped develop and mentor our internal launch team leaders and evolved our brand story to drive rapid market adoption based on differentiated value. Leigh Ann helped deliver a compelling strategic plan based on deep customer insights and collaboration with our team. I would definitely work with Leigh Ann again in the future!

Karen Davis-Fleischer, Ph.D

Vice President Marketing, Diagnostics, T-Detect at Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp. (Former client at Ortho)

I had the pleasure of working with Leigh Ann on EZbra's commercialization and US market penetration model, and found this process enlightening, creative and very professional. Leigh Ann shows a great and deep understanding of consumer, life sciences, biotech, med tech, pharmaceuticals, digital health, and more. She is very passionate about helping companies optimize commercialization and better understand the path and obstacles of this process. Thank you Leigh Ann! I know EZbra will benefit so much of all the experience, intelligence, accuracy and professionalism you brought!

Efrat Roman

Founder & CEO at EZbra

I met Leigh Ann in 2008 when we were both volunteering with the HBA. I have worked with her multiple times on strategy – her insight and ideas are bar none. She is a cut above all the rest. Leigh Ann's expertise has helped our revenue increase and has also helped solidify our position with our top clients. Working with Leigh Ann is always a pleasure!

Kathleen O'Brien

Director of Business Development at AMPLEXOR Life Sciences

Leigh Ann brings both a passion and a methodology for isolating customer insights that enriches her strategic planning work. She is driven to probe beyond survey and interview responses to discover deeper customer needs and hence opportunities for differentiation and innovation. This approach helped HBA formulate a comprehensive offering strategy for a key audience segment which addresses parallel and integrated audience value drivers. Leigh Ann is a talented and dedicated consultant and a real pleasure to work with. She is an advocate for the advancement of women and generously gave of her time and talents to HBA.

Liz Coyle

Executive Vice President, Value Offerings at Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

Recent Client Projects

  • Customer Insight Mining
  • Digital Health /Quality Outcomes Initiative
  • Strategic Concept Creation
  • Patient Market Access
  • Target Product Profile (TPP)/Value Proposition
  • Key Opinion Leader Development/Analysis
  • Clinical Development Strategy
  • Pre-Launch Market Development
  • Start-Up Pitch Deck Advisory/Creation
  • Global Launch Team Coaching/Facilitation
  • New Channel/Business Growth Expansion
  • Pre/Launch Global Strategy
  • Launch Strategy Gap Assessment
  • Brand Positioning/Modification
  • Sales (Force) Account Coaching & Strategy
  • Life Cycle Portfolio Planning & Strategy
  • Business Development/White Space
  • Proposal /Report Writing